Eye Exercises for PH.R

Eye movement is controlled by muscles in your eye sockets and eyeballs, and like the rest of your muscles, you can strengthen them through exercise. Eye strength comes in handy for speed reading, which taxes your eyes more than regular reading because it requires your eyes to cover more distance on the page. Making your eye muscles stronger and more flexible improves your clarity of vision and retards the natural eyesight deterioration that occurs with aging.
Thumb-to-thumb glancing

Thumb-to-thumb glancing works the muscles in your eye sockets that control peripheral vision and stretches the eye muscles in general to make them healthier and more flexible.

To get the most from this exercise, try to glance at your thumbs without moving your head.

Sitting or standing, look straight ahead, stretch your arms out to your sides, and stick up your thumbs.

Without turning your head, glance back and forth between your left and right thumbs ten times.

Repeat Steps 1 and 2 three times.

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